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Hitachi Air Filter

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Hitachi Air Filter Hitachi Refrigerated Air Dryer & Air Filter

Hitachi Air Filter : Ability to remove dust particles, condensate water and oil mist from compressed air.


High quality filters
  • Line / Oil Mist / Deodorant filters are made to comply with ISO 8573 standard
  • Line Filter :  Ability to eliminate dust particle from 3 to 1 micron.
  • Oil-Mist Filer : Ability to eliminate oil and dust particles to 0.01 micron
  • Deodorant filter : Ability to absorb and eliminate oil vapor with smell.
High durability
  • Filter housing is made of stainless steel to reduce rust.
(Note : Alloyed aluminum for 15BX and below model)

Maintenance friendly
  • Unique housing structure gives easy installation and maintenance.
  • Includes pressure differential gauge for oil mist filter for easy checking.
Easy model selection
  • Filter model number matches the rating of compressor nominal motor output for easy model selection.


Air Filter Specifications
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