Air Compressor

Hitachi booster compressor helps boost up pressure to support production equipment that requires higher pressure.

Oil-Free Booster Bebicon Compressor


Oil Free Bebicon

Oil Free Bebicon

Hitachi Oil Free Piston Compressor


Oil-Free Screw ( 15 to 240 kW ) ( DSP )

Oil Free Screw (105 ~ 400kW) (SDS)

DSP Series


Oil-free Scroll Compressor

Hitachi Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor


Package Bebicon (Oil Lubricated)

Lubricated Bebicon

Bebicon Compressors


Oil-flooded Screw ( 7.5 to 240 kW ) ( OSP )

Hiscrew Compressors


Package Bebicon (Oil-free)



SDS Series


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