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Bebicon Compressors


Oil Free Bebicon

Hitachi Oil Free Piston Compressor


Hiscrew Compressors


DSP Series


Hitachi Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor


SDS Series

Hitachi booster compressor helps boost up pressure to support production equipment that requires higher pressure.

Oil-Free Booster Bebicon Compressor

We are proud to present Hitachi technology with silent noise and low vibration, which developed from CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). Hitachi motor has high precision with high performance because of continuing development of Hitachi technology team.

Three-Phase Motor

Single Phase Motor

Hitachi meets the expanding needs and works to develop smaller, lighter, quieter, and cleaner gear motors with the technologies and know-how which Hitachi accumulated for long years.

GA Series

CA Series

Electric Chain Hoists are used in a wide range of applications to make cargo handling more efficient. Applications range from typical factory style handling operations to construction sites and even boat lifting.

Electric Chain Hoist

Hitachi rope hoists are based on the design concept of more serviceable and reliable hoists, and achieved substantial results in various industry fields.

Rope Hoist

The Hitachi inverter hoists meet a variety of operation needs with the further enhanced electronic control technologies as well as the proven and highly valued functions.

Inverter Rope Hoist


Hitachi NE-SI Series Inverter (New)


SJ700 & SJ700B Series


Vortex Blower

We provide auxiliary products and control equipment to help improve air quality and optimise compressor operation.

Remote Monitoring System (COSMOSII)

Multi Unit Controller (MR)


Hitachi Refrigerated Air Dryer

Hitachi Air Filter

Submersible Motors are designed for long service life and years of dependable operation. Innovative design and robust characteristics make this the perfect motor for your pumping applications. For use in municipal water services, industrial and agricultural irrigation and building water supply among others.

Water Tight Insulated-Wire Type

Canned Type 6"


40 Litres ~ 10,000 Litres

Vertical Air Receiver Tank

Reciprocating (Piston) compressor is a basic compressor which compresses air through the piston inside the cylinder. This compressor design structure is simple and easy to maintain.

Package Bebicon (Oil-free)

Package Bebicon (Oil Lubricated)

Oil Free Bebicon

Lubricated Bebicon

Screw compressor is a positive displacement type of air compressor which is able to compress air using high performance rotor. This type of compressor can be used in many industries such as electronics, food and beverage, packaging and steel companies being some of our customers.

Oil-flooded Screw ( 7.5 to 240 kW ) ( OSP )

Oil-Free Screw ( 15 to 240 kW ) ( DSP )

Oil Free Screw (105 ~ 400kW) (SDS)

Scroll compressor is a compressor which compresses air to gyrate two scroll-like heads. This design reduces the pulsing motion and vibration during operation, resulting in low noise and low vibration.

Oil-free Scroll Compressor


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